Sushi Rumble for iPad

Sushi Rumble is finally available on the iPad App Store! It's the only sushi wrestling game in the world featuring : Two pairs of Chopsticks Three angry Sushi Chefs Four Chapters 120 Levels Bizarre Conveyor Belts Countless Bombs Tons of Sushi Three angry sushi chefs are waiting for you to rise to their challenge. Fight your way through four chapters and a total of 120 levels. Collect all the stars and perfect the time on each level. It's weird and it's FREE for a limited time! Get it now!

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    Thanks everyone who’s been in touch about our upcoming game Sushi Rumble. Unfortunately we can’t tell you more about the game than what’s on the site right now. Sushi Rumble will be released in March, exclusively for the iPad. This is becuase the gameplay is perfectly suited for the beautiful iPad screen, especially multiplayer mode. [...]
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