Kids Canvas

Create wonderful artworks with beads, candy, mosaic, stitches, crayon and paint splash. Draw with animated paint that magically brings the picture to life as you paint.

Fresh Physics Puzzle

Tired of just stacking jewels in a pile? Why not arrange them on a round necklace with true-to-life physics? Freeze the time, blow stuff up and watch the jewels rattle!

Precious Pixels

The 2Bit Camera turns your photos into chunky, pixelated images that resemble the graphics of a well-known hand held gaming device that we are not allowed to mention.

Violent Sushi

Get ready to SUSHI RUMBLE! A totally insane gaming experience for your iPad. Fight for pieces of sushi against wicked AI sushi chefs or beat up your friends in the 2-4 player multiplayer mode!

Get Creative On The iPhone and iPad

No Overhead Costs

We like to keep things simple! We fit all the competence you need in one small office. No hotshot consultants. No half-baked developers.

Tons of Experience

We have released more than twenty high quality apps for the iOS platform. Our apps have been featured by Apple on numerous occasions.

Arts and Technology

We combine a deep technical understanding of the iOS platform with expertise in interaction design, graphics design as well as music production.

Creative Partner

We like to work with our clients right from the early conceptual stage. That way we can better understand the needs and contribute.

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We love to turn ideas into successful apps that work great and feel spectacular! If you want to release an app for the iPhone or iPad, don't hesitate to contact us! We know we can help. That's what we do.

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